The biggest story in Romania right now is that a Romanian football (soccer) assistant referee called someone “black” (source).

Before anything, let me tell you that Romanians are incredibly racist. We are so racist we don’t even think we’re racist.
Any person with a darker skin tone can be referred to as “Țigan” / ”Gypsy”.
The Roma people were sold as slaves up until the 19th century, under that term, so it’s equivalent to the American “N-word”.

However, even some of the most liberal Romanians don’t shy away from using the “Ț-word”. …

As with any all-encompassing field, there are many ways to group Computer Programmers.

Ignoring the language they use, the career level and experience, the style, whether they think HTML is a programming language, I figured that when it comes down to the basics there are only two major types of programmers: Engineers and Artists.

Not so long ago, I would have said all of us are both. Writing a piece of code felt similar to writing poetry, so we’re artists.

At the same time, a popular belief is that we are engineers, since we can handle Math better than the…

Adrian-Cornel Borină

Random stuff I want to tell to the World in English.

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